I am often asked what do I photograph. My answer is simple, "I photograph what I see".

When I moved to Italy, my photography flourished since I began carrying my camera at all times. The countryside is an inspiring subject that changes colors by the minute and by the season. The stones on the medieval villages go from gray in the early morning to terra cotta as the sun goes down. I am in constant awe of the light in the wee hours of the morning and at dusk which is sometimes the best time for me to take photographs. Every minute that I am out, regardless of where I am, I am always "framing" pictures whether or not I am holding my camera.

I started shooting digital about 12 years ago. I was also carrying my 35 mm until I dropped it on the stones of the Forum in Rome and was forced to make a decision. Once I felt confident using digital, there was no turning back. The beauty of digital is taking many and not having to wait to develop them.

As soon as I return from a trip or photo shoot, I download my photos on my computer-reliving my travels, the sunset, the movements of an animal. I don't like to over edit, but that is truly the beauty of digital, taking your favorite shot and having the ability to make it better.

Once printed, I use local Italian craftsmen from the area for framing. They take such pride in their work and it gives me an opportunity to support my neighbors.

Often I just sit and go through my thousands of photos like a slide show of my life so far, living here as an expat, immersed in this wonderful journey.

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